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    Saints_Aplenty: Designs and Collections is an online store powered by Zazzle that showcases the religious art of a bygone era on tasteful, modern Christian gifts featuring saints for you, your family, and friends for use in your church, school, home, and office. During the late 19th-early 20th century, color printing replaced hand coloring in the production of sacred images. The new techniques of chromolithography and chromoxylography--printing from multiple limestone slabs and wood blocks respectively--were used to mass produce vivid devotional prints (or, in everyday language, holy cards) and lavish illustrations for books chronicling the lives of the saints. All images on our products are derived from such antique or vintage items in the designer's private collection of religious ephemera or from public domain resources.

    Products are arranged in collections by saint.  Each collection numbers between 35 and 150 products.   See the picture galleries below for "Our Latest Collections", "Female Saints Showcase", and "Male  Saints Showcase" with sample products.   Download our PDF catalog for a guide to our more than 75  product types.  Not all saints are available on all products. 

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    Come back often! More saints, different styles, and additional products will be forthcoming.  We're just getting started...  Next up some popular female & red letter saints...


    Saints_Aplenty Catalog (pdf)


    Christmas Ornament Collection


    It's Christmastime all year round at Saints_Aplenty on Zazzle! Get a jump on next year!  All 231 of our currently available ornaments have been collected in one spot for your shopping convenience. Remember:  Most of our ceramic and acrylic ornaments come three ways: with the same image on both sides, with the image on one side and a suggested text on the other, or with the image on the front and a completely blank/DIY back. Where text has been supplied, it's for inspiration and for demonstration purposes only! Background colors and fonts can always be changed by using Zazzle's user-friendly interface. Happy shopping! __________________________________________________________________________________

    Note Well: Zazzle's photos of the square ceramic ornaments are overexposed. 

    The ornaments themselves will be more vibrant! 



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